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Accounting Advisory and Consulting Services

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Budget and cash flow planning is just one piece of the puzzle. A key element in the success of any business is a strategic plan for development and defined paths for growth. Too often, these essential strategies are relegated to the back burner as the pressing needs of day-to-day duties consume our time and energy, and more often than not, defining these paths can be extremely difficult without proper time and thought. 

With over 15 years of experience in the life cycle of thousands of businesses, SFBay Financial advisors have the background and expertise to help you through the complex processes of business development and assist you in creating a strategically sound growth plan. 

Among our services, choose from:​​

best business practices
growth modeling
breakeven targets for new markets
financial forecasting
customized business
KPI strategies

We’ve had the same accountant at SFBay Financial for years. They don’t have changes in staff like other companies. It tells me that we can trust how they run the business and serve their clients.

Pam Gardner, Director of Finance,
Patson Companies, client since 2019

Execute a financial forecast for your business plan with SFBay Financial and your CPA firm, business attorney and HR specialist. We can refer you to preferred partners or work with your chosen advisors to execute a coordinated approach to business goals and success.  


Contact us today for a fully customized financial forecasting analysis and review.

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