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Bookkeeping Services

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Imagine a knowledgeable and responsive bookkeeper who understands your business finances as well as you do. It is our primary goal to liberate you from the time-consuming burdens of bookkeeping and payroll. Plus, we provide you with flawless and timely financials that you can use as a tool for tax planning and to grow your business.

Among our service offerings, choose from: 

monthly transaction expense
and income coding
bill payment
and A/P tracking
invoicing and A/R
aging summaries
payroll processing and
payroll administration
monthly accruals and financial closes, and up-to-date financial reporting

…and much more.


Your dedicated bookkeeper can answer questions or bring them to our advisors at SFBay Financial for prompt service. We work in many industries and offer a range of contracts, from simple bank reconciliations and monthly reporting to full-charge weekly financial duties. Our services are scalable and can change over time as we collaborate with your tax CPA and other advisors.

It’s a wonderful company. Everything is seamless…from their technology to their communications and interactions with our tax CPA. I have no worries.

Pam Gardener, Director of Finance,
Patson Companies, client since 2019

Relying on our team’s continuous education as well as the latest financial software tools and applications, you’ll have peace of mind that your financial data is secure and up to date for investors, lenders and your CPA. 

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