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Our customized financial reporting delivers information in a way that our clients can actually use and can be practically applied to day-to-day business decisions. It is our primary goal to alleviate clients from the time-consuming burdens of bookkeeping and provide them with flawless financials that they can use as a tool to grow their businesses. Included in this suite of services is everything from monthly transaction expense and income coding, bill payment and A/P tracking, invoicing and A/R aging summaries, payroll processing, revenue recognition, monthly accruals and up-to-date financial reporting, and much more all delivered by your dedicated bookkeeper who will always be available for questions, meetings, and reviews.

We provide tailored bookkeeping services to businesses from all sectors. Whether it is simple bank reconciliations and monthly reporting for a small home-based business, or full-charge weekly financial duties for a multimillion dollar corporation, SFBay Financial offers scalable services to fit everyone’s specific business needs and can add or remove services as those needs change over time.   

Our experienced team is provided with in-depth and continuous education training as well as the latest financial software tools and applications which allow us to provide our clients with seamless and secure financials in real-time. Our professional and friendly staff maintain continuous communication with clients throughout the year to assure that we are meeting their every expectation. We can work directly with your CPA and Attorneys or give you referrals if you are in need of these services.

Book Keeping
Accountant Records

Controller Services

These seasoned financial veterans have years of experience dealing with the governmental organizations and CPAs. They can manage and administer your tax filings schedules and provide  guidance and direction to ensure your reporting your numbers correctly and accurately while minimizing your obligation and avoiding any late fees or penalties. Our Senior Account staff also provide financial analysis including breakdowns of your financial statements and budget forecasting and cash flow projections. Going beyond the numbers, they seek to serve you with insights into what your numbers mean and how they are affecting your business. 

Another central task they preform includes auditing your reporting and reviews of your monthly accounting cycle to find ways to save money and increase efficencies. Similarly, they can provide managerial oversite of in-house staff to ensure procedures are being followed and reporting is complete and accurate.  We have found these services to be central to any business that is looking for guidance on sustainability and growth and are proud to offer these solutions as a core component of our services.

Every client at SFBay Financial is assigned a Senior Account Manager who, along with your dedicated bookkeeper, will guide you through the implementation process. They will also be on hand to assist with tax planning and scheduling for government filings such as sales tax, local taxes and registrations, Payroll taxes and quarterly filings as well as help prepare you for fiscal tax filings with your CPA.

Controller Services

Consulting & Analysis

A key element in the success of any business is a strategic plan for development and defined paths for growth. Too often, these essential strategies are relegated to the back burner as the pressing needs of day-to-day duties consume our time and energy, and more often than not, defining these paths can be extremely difficult when given proper time for thought. Who better to assist you than someone who deals with your financials every day: your bookkeeping service.

With over 15 years of experience in the life cycle of thousands of businesses, SFBay Financial has the background and expertise to help you through the complex processes of business development and assist you in creating a strategically sound growth plan. We can identify areas affecting profitability, create multiple growth models, design breakeven targets for specific development plans, and assist you in developing best practices that are practical and efficient.

We are not alone in this process and we have preferred partnerships with several CPA firms, business law groups, and HR specialists and can work in conjunction with these entities to execute a coordinated development plans to help you grow and maintain a thriving business.

Business Development

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